Marketing and Audience Engagement

With all of the incredible effort and revisions that go into daily posting and putting together five print issues, I want to do everything I can to promote the staff's hard work. 

Relationships with administration

Our school has had an immense amount of administrative turnover in the last three years. This year, we had a new High School Principal and Head of School. I emailed both of them to arrange for an in-person meeting before the school year started to introduce myself as a point of contact for everything Standard-related. I discussed our purpose and our goals, establishing that freedom of student expression is something that I do not take lightly; accurate reporting will always be my main priority, so long as we maintain our freedom to publish the truth. I also subtley hinted that we would love to establish regular communication about breaking news, and we have been contacted a few times this year with the opportunity to break news to the school community. 

Monitoring analytics

I am always following the analytics of our site to see how our audience responds to different types of content. As you can see in the graph, we have had more views than every this past year, and the average session time on each story page has greatly increased. This is a great way to gauge that people are not only clicking on our site, but enjoying reading, watching or listening to our content.

Community surveys

I edit all surveys and work with staff members directly to create open-ended questions. Then, I draft and schedule each email and ensure that only one survey is sent per day for the maximum number of responses. These surveys not only give us valuable insights and information, but they create buzz about an upcoming article. I have been asked multiple times about when an article is going to posted after the subject piqued students' interest from responding to the survey.

Social media

Many students only follow our content on social media, so I wanted to create as much of a connection as possible between social media content and online or print content. By putting links to articles in Instagram stories and teasing online content in posts, we are able to bring more students to our site and read full-lenght articles rather than just photo captions and briefs. The Deputy EiC: Online and I also post a teaser for every article on Twitter and Facebook, which brings many alums and parents to the site.

Newsstands and print distribution

For every print issue, all of the editors band together to distribute 800 copies of the newspaper all over the school. My favorite spot is pictured on the left; I love draping the newspapers across the banister and sitting idly as people walk by and take them – where I then run back and quickly replace each newspaper for the next person. 

Positive feedback

On occasion, members of the community will email directly about a story they enjoyed. It demonstrates that The Standard has a strong presence in the school and is valued by our community, and it is our job year-to-year to continue outreach as students graduate and new students enter the High School.

Library promotion

As an avid reader, I am well acquainted with the librarians at my school. They noticed that many of the books I checked out week-to-week became book reviews, and asked for my thoughts about creating a display in the library where they framed The Standard's reviews and put the books in front. I thought it was a lovely idea, and consistently let them know what we are writing about so they can continue adding to the display.

Standard Scoop

Friends might say that I'm old school. I love print and newspapers and the notion that everyone in the community has access to the same information and can have conversations while being well-infomred on these topics. So, to revitalize print as a news source in the school, I created the Standard Scoop, a weekly briefing that I print on Fridays that has a news brief, funny highlights and lowlights from the editors, a calendar of events for the following week, a photo spotlight, and our website QR code. Right now, I am the only one putting it all together, but I would like to make it a formal role next year so it continues to have a place in the school.